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Bastian Schweinsteiger refusing to be subbed out after numerous accidents.

" If there was one German player who simply refused to lose, it was Bastian Schweinsteiger. The experienced midfield pass master endured a gruelling game. He was routinely sent tumbling by Argentine tackles that pushed the rules to their limit. But for all the bumps and scrapes he sustained, Schweinsteiger never shied away. Instead, he remained at the forefront of his nation’s efforts".

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maddenrichard: “#mondayblues” “blues resolved #mondayblues” ft. Kit Harington. (x) (x

aka: these fuckers are too damn cute together.

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Run (coming never)

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Grey's Anatomy: Nobody knows where they might end--
Me: Dead. They all end up dead.
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"Hello. Today we’re gonna talk about Mary Dyer."

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Luke and Owen Wilson as the Kellogg brothers on Drunk History S1 Ep6: Detroit

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damn orange is the new black is crazy af

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okay so tumblr user zenon-bronopka is fucking lame as heck and tagged me in this thing so yeah here’s 6 of me (because apparently one isn’t enough) and yeah i tag alexroidriguez , frostwhelpfedoramir, jackalltimelow, anderfelon and jokerisms because you guys were lame enough to be on my dash at this time

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having one of your favorite players joining another club is one thing

but philipp lahm retiring from international football is one of the worst things that ever happenend to me football-wise
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Belle progression + colors

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>The Falcon is the new Captain America

>Female Thor

>pans to DC at the moment

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